Photo of cast by kerry simmons

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

“One of the most intimate portraits of lost love the lesbian scene has ever seen… the most honest, raw, lovingly crafted film of its kind to show up this year, and powerful enough to knock even the most stalwart viewer out of any sense of complacency. ” After Ellen

“Raw, abrasive, brutal but brave, Break My Fall is the hopeless tale of two young lovers desperately clinging to a passion shared, now lost. Set amongst the gritty underbelly of London’s squat scene, this film offers an uncensored, affecting insight into how today’s kids are getting their kicks.” I-D Magazine

“A funny, emotional and chaotic East End anti-date movie with an amazing soundtrack” Boyz Magazine

“Superbly directed and acted, Break My Fall is a terrific picture of how alcohol, drugs and self-involvement make relationships even more difficult than they already are” Jack Leger, QX Magazine (Film of the week 22nd July 2011)

“‘Break My Fall’ boasts strong music from current local bands and impressive photography, as well as some powerfully sustained set pieces: scenes of out-of-it clubbing and domestic discord – notably a wordless morning-after sequence comprising lengthy, brightly lit takes – generate both plausibility and suspense, if not quite Fassbinder-grade toxic tension.” Ben Walters, Time Out (London)

This is an uncompromising and unflinching piece of cinema, which doesn’t patronise its audience by tying up loose ends or shying away from the gritty reality of human relationships. It might not always be easy to watch, but it’s also impossible to walk away from.” Melissa Wright, Hackney Citizen

“With a spiky indie soundtrack and intense performances the film leaves its mark – a bruising lovebite rather than a lipstick kiss” Joan Burnett, Seen Magazine

“Director Kanchi Wichmann splendidly captures the beauty and volatility that surrounds young love. Break My Fall is one of those films that sticks in your conscious for a very long time.” — Kelly Burkhardt, Philadelphia Q Fest

“Featuring a soundtrack soaked with music from a host of upcoming British bands and breakout performances from its young cast, Break My Fall is an honest, tender portrayal of a relationship on the rocks.” – Manchester Cornerhouse Cinema programme

Break My Fall (106 mins) was shot on Fuji Film Super 16mm film. The film was shot on location mostly in Hackney, east London in three weeks for a budget of under £50,000. The film premiered in Film de Femmes (Paris) and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in April 2011.